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At over&back, we’re bringing more joy to time around the table with incredibly beautiful, well-made pieces anyone can effortlessly mix-and-match. So setting the table becomes less of a task, and more of a daily delight. The pieces all get along, playing well together, in all kinds of creative combos. How many, you ask? Check out our Amazon storefront to find out!

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Let’s make your table a place that says Come in, sit here – yes, yes, there’s room. Because that’s what brings people over. And continues to beckon them back.

These are our Brand Pillars

What we’re all about and why we’re still going strong after nearly 40 years (in case you were wondering).

  • Open Armed

    Place settings create community. They say “There’s a spot for you right here.” We invite you to set tables where all are welcome.

  • Freestyle Friendly

    Made with maximum color mix-and-matchability, so you can freestyle without all the fuss. Forget the rules – who needs ‘em.

  • You-Centric

    You’re the reason we do what we do, with easy-care collections that don’t need special attention.

  • Top-Notchers

    These are the real deal, standouts in the quality craftsmanship department. Created to be your go-to’s. Your tabletop crew, ready for anything.

Let’s set the table, shall we?

Let's Shop

We sell worldwide, but the design and manufacturing magic happens in these five locations.

  • New York
  • Porto
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • China
Let's Keep it low key Let's Host it here Let's Have coffe Let's Make it feel special Let's Come up with a theme Let's Have Seconds Let's Throw a party Let's Squeeze in more chairs Let's Dig in Let's Toss the salad Let's Eat in Let's Whip up something new Let's Pop Popcorn Let's Invite more people Let's Serve family-style Let's Do this again Let's Surprise someone Let's Add more toppings
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